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Enabling Road Safety Through Simulation

Our platform and offerings help ensure trust in future mobility solutions. 

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Through the Lens of a Safe System Approach Towards Vision Zero

We work with organizations that help enable us to take holistic view to road safety and put people first. We utilize a safe system approach in our simulation platform validation with the intention that our tools will help in achieving Vision Zero around the world.

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Just Give The Command

A Test Driven Approach Based on Real World Data

We generate edge case scenarios within simulator environments. Our simulation platform enables developers to get up and running quickly with a cloud enabled command line interface to validate assumptions. Our validation reports are used to communicate results that anyone can understand – development teams, executives, regulators, insurers and even end consumers.

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Zero Setup

We've created a CLI to get you up and running in minutes, not hours.

Cloud Enabled

Run your simulations in the cloud, not on your computer.

Run Faster

Optimize your computations. Spend less time configuring and more time coding.

View & Share Feedback

When simulations are done running, you'll be able to quickly and easily share the results with your team.

Quickly Install and Configure

npm install -g

alpha login
alpha setup

Easy to Run

alpha drive

Simple to See Results

alpha feedback

  • Beginner
  • $0month
  • + $1.40 / cloud hour

    • CARLA & Udacity Cloud Simulation
    • Scenario Configuration Tools
    • Download Videos of Test Runs
    • Performance Reports

  • Start Now
Best choice
  • Advanced
  • $9monthly
  • + $1.40 / cloud hour

    • CARLA & Udacity Cloud Simulation
      Alpha Drive LIMITED Cloud Simulation (Beta)
    • Scenario Suite Configuration Tools
    • Download Videos of Test Runs
    • Performance Reports

  • Waitlist
  • Enterprise
  • $-monthly
    • Alpha Drive FULL Cloud Simulation (Beta)
      Custom Environments
      Custom Scenarios
    • Scenario Configuration Tools
    • Download Videos of Test Runs
    • Performance Reports

  • Contact for Details

Stay Informed

At Alpha Drive, we value transparency and openness in the work we do – in code, community and communications. As we progress, we’ll be sharing our story in how we are helping to build a better future.

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