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Enabling Road Safety Through Simulation

Our platform tools help ensure trust and safety in future automated mobility solutions. 

Through the Lens of a Safe System Approach Towards Vision Zero

We provide tools that enable stakeholders to test and measure results of autonomous system software through simulation. We give organizations the ability to take holistic view to road safety and put people first.

Giving Everyone A Shared Vision
Of The Road Ahead

Mobility Providers & Consumers

Piece of mind with 3rd party validation.
We enable third parties to create customized environments, scenarios and measurement metrics. Validate software with an outside perspective and regression test to validate every new version released.
We offer additional certification based on a Safe System approach to increase consumer confidence.
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Regulators & Insurers

Define the rules of the road.
Set up assessments for validation – define environments, scenarios and metrics for evaluation.
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Test drives that are test driven.
Increase productivity with our suite of developers tools for streaming and cloud based simulation – easily run in parallel at cloud scale.
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