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Alpha Drive Developer Platform:

Pricing Options for Anyone.

  • Beginner
  • $0monthly
  • + $1.80 / hour

    • Start with the basics.
      Aimed at students and hobbyists.
    • Run your AI on your local machine with streamed interactions to a cloud based simulator – ability to run visual or headless.

  • Start Now
Best choice
  • Professional
  • $9monthly
  • + $3.80 / hour

    • Features for professional developers.
    • Push Docker image based AI to the cloud and run headless against cloud simulator. Ability to run simulations in parallel. Advanced log management.

  • Waitlist
  • Enterprise
  • $-monthly
    • Customization and security with enterprise needs in mind.
    • Alpha Drive tools integrated with your simulator. On-premise cloud support. Services for custom scenario and environments on the CARLA simulator.

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