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How do you determine driver risk when the driver is an AI?

Today, driver risk is based on human behavior and demographics.
Tomorrow, algorithm behavior will determine the risk in every environment and scenario encountered.

We are a Data Marketplace

We provide tools and data that enable stakeholders across the industry to gain insights on algorithm behavior.

Alpha Drive provides data and tools to enable developers to easily test while in development. When ready, we help them interface with stakeholders for validation.

Alpha Drive works with companies early to help understand, define, and implement the collection of data and define metrics to measure and understand risk.

Giving Everyone A Shared Vision
Of The Road Ahead

Mobility Providers & Consumers

Piece of mind with 3rd party validation.
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Regulators & Insurers

Define the rules of the road.
Interested in understanding and defining the data necessary for informing risk when the car is driven by an algorithm?
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Test drives that are test driven.
We’re focused on increasing developer productivity. Need help?
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