ALPHA DRIVE | Enterprise Developer Solutions
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Enterprise Developer Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure

On-Premise Options Available

Test and validate agents in simulation – on our servers or all inside your cloud setup.

Use our CLI to quickly launch simulations in parallel in the cloud.

Develop AI locally and launch/test in a cloud simulation, or for faster results run your AI & simulation in the cloud together.

Simulator Agnostic

We support the CARLA simulator out of the box.

Highlighted features include:

  • Scalability via a server multi-client architecture
  • Flexible API
  • Autonomous Driving sensor suite
  • Maps generation
  • ROS integration
  • Fast simulation for planning and control
  • Traffic scenarios simulation
  • Autonomous Driving baselines

We can support internally developed, and other open source simulators.

Environment & Scenario Services

Alpha Drive is working with partners on providing customized environment and scenario options based on enterprise needs.